How Buses Can Help Our Environment

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We all know about the enormous amount of traffic on our roads and many of us are trying to use our vehicles less. It is all-too-easy to become lazy when you are the owner of a car and far more people are becoming aware of this. So many journeys are short enough to be made on foot or by bicycle if we only stop and think. Besides, walking or cycling are both much healthier options!

But do you realise that even longer journeys do not have to be made by car? Travelling on a coach is a far greener option because it will mean that fewer vehicles are being used.

Here are just a few of the trips that can be taken by bus...

Seeing the Sights.
Driving around and looking at the sights may be a pleasant way of spending the time, but how much driving will it actually involve? If ten families went off in their cars to have a look at the scenery in North Yorkshire, then it would use far more fuel than a single bus... Not only that, but how many of these ten families would take a wrong turn somewhere? If these people were to all go on a properly organised bus trip, the driver would know exactly where he was going!

Plus... ten cars or one bus! Which of these is the most likely to cause congestion on the road? Its not exactly rocket science, is it?

Having a Break
Going on holiday by bus is becoming an increasingly common choice. These trips go to just about every part of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland; not to mention many locations in mainland Europe as well.

You will have no hassle with car parking and modern buses are full of modern comforts! Not only can you have a great few days away, but you will also know you have done your bit for the environment.

Cliff Richard really was streets ahead when he took that Summer Holiday...

Rocking Out (and About)
Why go through all of the rigmarole of travelling by car to see your favourite band? There are coach trips to just about every type of concert you can imagine; from Classical and Opera to Black Metal and Grunge.

A bus will take you right to the venue itself, so there will be no getting lost. And you wont have to keep wondering if your vehicle is safe in that dimly lit car park! Comprehensive bus insurance will cover any belongings you have left behind on your seat.

Match That!
When you want to see a football match it is so much easier to go by bus. If you are in a car, then getting anywhere near the actual grounds can be a nightmare! Coaches will run to any of the larger games and a good deal of the smaller ones too.

And it isnt just football matches either... tour operators will normally go to many tennis, cricket or hockey games as well!
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How Buses Can Help Our Environment

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This article was published on 2010/10/30